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Extra nice prices on Armwrestling straps – new generation of straps in the store!

Right now we have extra nice prices on our PREMIUM straps, as we create storage space for our new generation of straps. Our PREMIUM straps has been sold in 1000’s to armwrestlers and clubs around the world. They are known for their incredible durability while being comfortable and easy to tighten and loosen.
So take the opportunity to renew or replenish your supply of Armwrestling Straps. The offer is valid while stocks last!

You can find Armwrestling Strap 25mm (1″) – PREMIUM (1pcs) here:

You can find Armwrestling Straps 25mm (1″) – PREMIUM (5pcs) here:

We wish all customers a warm and lovely summer!

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Now we can offer a Devon Larratt Armwrestling Strap, i.e. a wider version of a strap, which is closely associated with Devon, as he uses and promotes this version of Armwrestling Straps. Welcome to visit the product page through the link below to read more and get your hands on one.

Armwrestling Strap 38mm (1.5″) – DEVON LARRATT EDITION (1pcs)

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John Brzenk uses our Armwrestling Straps!

John Brzenk Armwrestling Straps

We are proud and excited to see THE G.O.A.T. John Brzenk use our Armwrestling Straps. If our straps are good enough for the world’s best armwrestler of all time, then everyone can be sure that the straps holds the highest quality!
Our straps have been sold in the thousands to armwrestlers and clubs all over the world. Known for their incredible durability while being comfortable and easy to tighten and loosen. So visit the store and buy world-class arm wrestling straps too!

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New updated version of our world-class Armwrestling Straps!

Over the years, we have tested different versions of Armwrestling Straps. The problem with Armwrestling Straps is to find a perfect balance with a strap material that is soft and flexible, but still strong enough and not too slippery, so that the buckle is able to lock the strap. This must be combined with a buckle that has high durability and strength, but still have sufficient flexibility to be easy to tighten and loosen. We have tested all possible materials such as plastic, metal, nylon, etc. Every material has their pros and cons. The plastic buckles are available in several different variations based on different compounds and our very first version of Armwrestling Straps had buckles made of plastic of the same type that Mazurenko and other manufacturers use. What we realized was that these do not measure up to our quality demands, as the buckle breaks relatively easily, either from very heavy loads or with frequent use.
We then went over to test metal, which unfortunately was worse in a lot of other ways. Admittedly impossible to break, but incredibly difficult to tighten and loosen and was hard to use. Our next step was Nylon, which we used in the previous version of our Armwrestling Straps, which until now has been the best material for the buckle in our opionion. However, there are some disadvantages with Nylon and it is mainly that they, like the metal buckles, can be perceived as hard to tighten and loosen, even if it´s not as bad as with the metal buckles.
Now we have returned to plastic again, but after extensive searching, we found a plastic buckle made of the right type of plastic compound and with a quality that does not resemble any buckle we have previously tried. The straps are super easy to tighten and loosen, which is positive for all referees around the world :). But despite this, they have extremely high durability and passed our load test for 200kg (~440 lbs) without issues. The buckle broke when reaching 220kg (~480lbs), but didn’t even budge at 200kg (~440 lbs). We have also extended the straps by about 10 cm (~4″) to ensure that there is enough strap left over to tighten even when biggest guys in the world armwrestle.
This ensures that the straps can handle all types of matches, regardless of whether it is heavyweights facing each other or just frequent use during training. Our search is finally over, we have a hard time seeing how we could now create even better Armwrestling Straps.
Are you eager to try our new Armwrestling Straps? You can find our 5-pack here: /product/armwrestling-straps-premium-edition/ and our 1-pack here: /product/armwrestling-straps-premium-edition-1p/
We can guarantee that you will be as satisfied as we are! In addition we offer a 1-year warranty and a 14-day satisfaction guarantee (Read more on the product pages).

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Now they are finally here! We now have Armwrestling Straps – PREMIUM in stock!

They are here now!
Our long-awaited Armwrestling Straps – PREMIUM 💪💪💪
Our straps have also been affected by the ongoing Corona outbreak (not infected, however 😉), but with a loooooooooooong waiting time, so now it is little Christmas Eve when they finally arrived!
Get yourself a package here!