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Now we can offer a Devon Larratt Armwrestling Strap, i.e. a wider version of a strap, which is closely associated with Devon, as he uses and promotes this version of Armwrestling Straps. Welcome to visit the product page through the link below to read more and get your hands on one.

Armwrestling Strap 38mm (1.5″) – DEVON LARRATT EDITION (1pcs)

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John Brzenk uses our Armwrestling Straps!

John Brzenk Armwrestling Straps

We are proud and excited to see THE G.O.A.T. John Brzenk use our Armwrestling Straps. If our straps are good enough for the world’s best armwrestler of all time, then everyone can be sure that the straps holds the highest quality! Armwrestling Straps – PREMIUM EDITION is our latest version of Armwrestling Straps where we have combined the best strap material with a buckle that makes the strap both easy to fasten and to loosen, even though the durability is higher than all other Armwrestling Straps with plastic buckle that is available on the market.
So if you, like John Brzenk, want to use the absolute highest quality of Armwrestling Straps when you practice, you will find our 5-pack here: : Armwrestling Straps – PREMIUM EDITION (5pcs)
and our 1-pack here: Armwrestling Strap – PREMIUM EDITION (1pcs)

Below you can see the full video where John uses our straps.

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The new versions of Multispinner & Wrist Wrench handles are now in stock!

Multispinner Handle

They are finally here, our new generation of Multispinner & Wrist Wrench handles!
Now made out of steel, which guarantees that you get a handle that will last many, many years to come.

Read more about our new Multispinner handle here.
Read more about our new Wrist Wrench handle here.

As the handles are made of steel, with laser-cut slots for the straps and powder-coated with a special color, the price is higher than on our previous plastic handles. Unfortunately, higher quality and durability means that the price will also be higher. All parts for manufacture the handles cost a lot and we always aim to sell products at the lowest possible price. In this case, however, you get a unique handle that is well worth the money, as everything is of absolute highest quality. If you buy a handle like this, you have a training partner who will be with you for a long time to come.
Unfortunately, we have a limited stock of both types of handles as it costed us both time and money to develop these new handles. But we are working hard to get more handles as soon as possible. If you want to avoid waiting, you should get yours before they are out of stock.

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Now they are finally here! We now have Armwrestling Straps – PREMIUM in stock!

They are here now!
Our long-awaited Armwrestling Straps – PREMIUM 💪💪💪
Our straps have also been affected by the ongoing Corona outbreak (not infected, however 😉), but with a loooooooooooong waiting time, so now it is little Christmas Eve when they finally arrived!
Get yourself a package here!

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New in the store! Multispinner handle for Armwrestlers.

Now we can offer a Multispinner handle specially designed for Armwrestlers and originally developed by Devon Larratt, one of the world’s most famous Armwrestlers.
The handle is easily connected to a Cable machine / Cable-cross for different types of pulling exercises in combination with pronation & wrist flexion (cupping) or supination & wrist flexion, which is determined by the position of the strap.
Manufactured in Sweden by Christian Rose, exclusively for and with the highest possible quality!
Read more and buy yours here!