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We can now offer sales to the whole world!

We have now opened up to receive orders from all over the world!
Unfortunately, shipping prices are relatively high in Sweden compared to other countries and unfortunately there is not much we as a small store can do to influence this. Sweden has high taxes, especially the VAT that is 25% on virtually all types of products/services, this also applies to shipping costs. And in general, the prices for shipping are high even without VAT.
However, we want to point out that the products we sell are both unique and specific and many of our products are of the type that you only buy once. So even though the shipping cost can be perceived as high, especially for customers who order from a country other than Sweden, you can look at it from the perspective that our products have very low prices compared to other stores and some products can not even be bought elsewhere.

We look forward to your purchase and we can also offer excellent customer service, which not all companies offer.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: 2020-10-24 Sales to Norway is stopped…

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The store will be kept closed momentarily during short periods of time for the next couple of weeks.

The store will be kept closed during shorter periods of time. This is because we are implementing some new features that you as a customer will appreciate. Among other things, we open up to create an account in the store, so you can easily log in and see all orders, change information etc. In addition, we also open up to submit reviews, which makes it easier to find out what others think about different products and allows you to leave a review yourself.

We are doing everything we can to limit the down periods and we hope that everything will be done until the end of December and preferably sooner than that.