(Discontinued) Double Square Rolling Handle 50mm (2″) (Robert Baraban) – The best handle for Arm Wrestling!

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The absolute best (*) handle for people who train Armwrestling!
Double rotating square handles with the size 50x50mm (2″x2″) for exercising grip & wrist strength, specially designed for Armwrestlers and manufactured by Robert Baraban.
Easily connected to a Loading Pin for lifting exercises or to a cable machine/cable-cross for pull-down or rowing exercises and you can train with both arms or one at a time.
The square shape fills a function for Armwrestling strength, which you simply have to test yourself to understand how well it works.
* Follow the instructions thoroughly for how to use the handle, as it is absolutely crucial on the result you get with this handle.
How to choose the right size? See picture #3 for information on how to measure for the correct handle size.

The package contains:
1 x Double Square Rolling Handle 50mm (2″)

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(The product has been discontinued!)


  • NOTE! We recommend lubricating the handle’s moving contact surfaces about once a year in order to maintain optimal rotation and avoid squeaking sounds. The handle is delivered pre-treated with lubricant upon purchase.
  • Made entirely of steel and contains no wear parts that need replacing. Works just as well after 10 years as when it is new. Built to last a lifetime.
  • Exposes wrists and fingers for a load that can be directly transferred to Armwrestling through the rotating grip surfaces which trains the wrist flexors in combination with static finger strength.
  • Works great for both dynamic (movement) or static (hold still and withstand the load).
  • NOTE! This handle cannot be compared with Rolling Thunder or similar rolling handles, as it generates completely different types of load. The square shape fills a function for just Armwrestling strength, which no other handle can mimic.
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